Corman Bag cares about giving you the best bag for your product. Our expertise is in introducing innovative bag styles and constructions tailored for your needs. Our global reach keeps us current with the latest technological advancements around the world. Take the next step and find out how innovative we can be together by calling us today!


custom valve design

Custom Valve Design

One of our customers packed a specialty lime product which created a dust cloud that literally hung over the bag filling operator’s head. After a technical site visit, we designed a new valve incorporating longer folds of paper and more gluing patterns within the valve. Our custom design solved the problem and the “dust cloud blew away”. We can help you find a dust free solution too.

saving money

Reduced Breakage

Our customer was using a traditional multiwall paper bag that was floor loaded into a container for shipment overseas. With every shipment our customer received complaints of breakage and requests for credits. We switched the customer to a paper/wpp bag and eliminated the breakage complaints. The paper/wpp bag not only cost less but solved our customer’s problem. We can help you look at ways to save money too.

better bag less paper

Ply Reduction

A customer in the pigment industry, using a 3 ply paper valve bag, had been disappointed by his bag supplier. We changed him to a 2 ply paper valve bag, responding quickly to meet his needs. Upon receiving our first shipment, the plant manager emailed us that his production manager was “very impressed” with our 2 ply bag performance. We can help you reduce plies with better materials too.

Corman Bag

Corman Bag